IPStudies Biotech patent analytics 5th anniversary at #BIO2018

We celebrate our 5th anniversary of biotech patent analytics in 2018 – that is a bit younger than the 25th anniversary of BIO2018, but we’re joining the party in Boston!

CRISPR and more generally gene editing is on many agendas this year, and we’re taking this opportunity to release a couple of new IPStudies analytics report out of our unique, exhaustive review of CRISPR-related worldwide patent applications since mid-2014:

  • a zoom on the micro-organisms subset of the landscape;
  • a review of the IP strategy of an unexpected player which has constantly ranked in the top applicants of our landscape, besides being more specialized in the ZFN technology: Sangamo Biosciences

More information, samples and purchase options can be found here.

We also take the opportunity of attending BIO to take a closer look into next generation biotherapeutics trends. A couple of new technology and applications areas are raising attention from investors and bioengineers, and we’ve been recently observing a collateral increase in the quantity of related patent applications. These fields deserve closer, qualitative analytics for well-informed IP strategy plans. Stay tuned! If you’re attending BIO and want to express interest in any of those fields, please contact us and we’ll arrange to meet you.