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The number of patent applications in the field of CRISPR genome engineering increases every month, covering a diversity of biotechnology applications. Monitoring them to extract the specific ones of relevance to your specific needs is time-consuming and you prefer your experts to focus in developing your own IP portfolio (or that of your customers, if you are a patent law firm practitioner) rather than analyzing the full, complex CRISPR landscape. Still, you need to understand the prior art for optimally positioning your own claims, and/or define your licensing strategy.

At IPStudies we have been serving our CRISPR patent analytics expertise to a diversity of customers in Europe, America and Asia since our first launch of a worldwide CRISPR patent landscape in 2014. In the past 3 years, we have built a unique knowledge of the CRISPR technology patenting by collecting, analyzing and categorizing 1700+ patent families and 50+ licensing agreements. Over the past year, our unique, independent CRISPR patent analytics findings have been cited by Nature, The Scientist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Fortune and the WIPO magazine, among others.

To facilitate your own positioning in the CRISPR patent landscape, we offer our pre-classified CRISPR patent landscape:

PDF synthesis report of more than 100 slides

– Global trends (main applicants, temporal distribution of patent filings, citations…)

– Table of licensing deals and related announcements since 2014

Our offer also comprises a private access to the CRISPR patent database dedicated to your organization, so you can further browse and search the latest data (currently more than 1700 patent families), with the following features:

– Intuitive patent information classification by claim coverage (applications, cells/organisms to be modified, molecular tools), CRISPR system components and chimeric proteins.

– Patent titles and abstracts translations into English, irrespective of the original publication language.

– Additional information in your preferred format (Excel listing exports, legal status).

– No setting up or configuration necessary; all you need is an internet connection.

– Choice of private database hosting: in Switzerland by Centredoc, the specialized IT provider serving patent monitoring information to the Swiss watch industry since 1964, in line with Swiss data privacy laws, which can be customized for your monthly monitoring needs, or interactive patent analytics browsing database by Orbit EasyLixir, to easily navigate into the latest snapshot of the CRISPR landscape.

Click on the thumbnails below to see sample extracts from the CRISPR patent monitoring database, or ask us for a video demo:

screenshot1-rapid3-crispr_global-highlights screenshot2-rapid3-crispr_cpf1 screenshot4-rapid3-crispr_cpf1-family screenshot3-rapid3-crispr_cpf1-claims

We also offer a monthly, subscription-based CRISPR patent monitoring service for new patent publications claiming the use of the CRISPR technology, worldwide at a competitive pricing, starting at EUR 500 per month.

Since 2014, we have served our independent CRISPR patent analytics data to worldwide Fortune 500 companies, biotech ventures, patent law firms, public organizations, and research institutes. Would you like to join them and access the most complete, worldwide CRISPR patent analytics information data set? Would you like a short video demo of the CRISPR patent database and patent monitoring functionality? Please contact us today for more information!

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