Intangible assets deserve closer scrutiny

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Based in Switzerland between Lausanne and Fribourg since 2010, IPStudies offers independent patent surveys on selected emerging technologies as well as various consultancy services in patent analytics, IP strategy and IP management.

We provide due diligence, audit and evaluation of IP portfolios for IP positioning optimization under a given budget, patent landscaping, patent scouting, patent analytics, as well as technology valuation and licensing coaching services. We serve a diversity of international customers, from high-tech SMEs and university spin-offs to technology brokers and patent aggregators, in the ICT as well as life sciences sectors.

Our lead experts Corinne Le Buhan and Fabien Palazzoli help you identify, search, analyze, visualize, manage and monetize your patent positioning out of the massive patent big data. We use a combination of leading worldwide patent search and visualization tools to help you quickly spot the exact information you need for your investment decisions. We can then further help you optimize your position accordingly in your competition landscape, minimizing your risks and maximizing your returns on technology development and technology transfers.