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IPStudies was funded by  Corinne Le Buhan in 2010 to offer independent patent surveys on selected emerging technologies as well as various consultancy services in patent analytics, IP strategy and IP management.

From 2010 to 2021, IPStudies has served dozens of local as well as international customers, including high-tech SMEs and university spin-offs in Western Europe as well as international technology brokers and patent aggregators, in the ICT as well as life sciences sectors. In particular, the independent patent landscapes and patent monitoring services developed by IPStudies since 2014 on the revolutionary CRISPR genome editing technology have become internationally renowned, and our data are more and more cited by scientific media as well as researchers and policy makers.

To sustain this growth in demand for biotechnology patent information, in January 2022, the patent analytics business and operations of IPStudies has been acquired by CENTREDOC. Building upon more than 50 years of experience as the technical information center of the swiss watchmaking industry, the strong team of engineers at CENTREDOC now complements the IPStudies PhD experts scientific and patent information expertise with a complete range of services and solutions for the monitoring of strategic, technological and competitive information. CENTREDOC is also a leader in the research of patent, technical and business intelligence, and offers consulting expertise in the implementation of monitoring solutions.

Building upon this strengthened patent analytics capability, our consultants Corinne Le Buhan, Qualified Patent Information Professional, and Mira Lapray, European Patent Attorney, remain at your disposal to help you optimize your position in your competition landscape, minimizing your risks and maximizing your returns on technology development and technology transfers. Our consultancy services comprise due diligence, audit and evaluation of IP portfolios for IP positioning optimization under a given budget, patent filing, patent prosecution, as well as technology valuation, freedom-to-operate risk mitigation and licensing coaching services.