CEPIUG conference – Milano Sep 9-11

Our expert Corinne Le Buhan will be speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Confederacy of European Patient Information User Groups (12 user groups, more than 1000 members) which will take place at Politecnico di Milano next week:

“On the relevance of deeper patent office register information for reporting to C-levels and investors – Biotech case studies

In the past decade, the use of quantitative patent analytics such as patent landscaping for business intelligence has significantly progressed thanks to the combination of online registers data access with the power of professional software mining and visualization tools. However, we are still missing automated tools and shared best practices to better spot significant changes in the office registers that directly impact the practical valuation of individual patent assets along their prosecution lifetime, as well as related FTO & licensing strategies.
Case studies from the revolutionary CRISPR biotechnology field will be presented to highlight the relevance of searching and monitoring this hidden information for C-level executives and investors. Particular attention will be given to:
• the evolution of claim coverage from initial application to grant publications, and the
special case of subset inventions from different inventors through the lifetime of a single priority patent application family;
• the differences in search methods, tools and strategies by office examiners as well as disclosure practice by the patent applicants, hence the differences in citation coverage which makes the associated automated metrics impractical for qualitative analytics;
• the emerging use of third party observations in support to competition intelligence and offensive IP strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join and discuss the latest patent information use practices with experts from various industries – registration is still open!