Keynote speech at next Questel seminar, Bern, Feb 11

Our partner Questel is organising a hands-on seminar in Bern on February 11th, illustrated with real case scenarios and user experiences, to help you align innovation with your IP strategy using online solutions.

Our head of biotech analytics, Dr. Fabien Palazzoli, will be giving a keynote speech on the use of the Questel Orbit and Intellixir tools, which have helped us developing since June 2014 the first worlwide independent patent landscape on the biotech revolutionary technology CRISPR.

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US inventor veterans at Intellectual Ventures are inventing around CRISPR gene editing

As both patent analysts and strategists, we like to look into the “weak signals” hidden behind the main trends of our landscapes, such as emerging design around solutions, original applications and new unexpected players entering the field.
In our latest update of our CRISPR patent landscape, we were surprised to discover a PCT patent application from a couple of senior inventors from Nathan Myhrvold’s team at Intellectual Ventures.
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Meet us at Bio Europe Spring in Paris, March 9-11

BIO-Europe Spring® annually attracts a wide range of business leaders, including senior executives of leading biotech companies, business development teams from large and midsize pharmaceutical companies, investors and other industry experts.

IPStudies will be present – take this unique opportunity to meet our life sciences expert and ask a demo of our patent analytics navigation and visualization offering!

Bio Europe Spring 2015

IP management practices – Findings from the CRISPR-Cas landscape

When initially building our CRISPR-Cas patent landscape database over this summer, we were surprised by some unusual inventor patterns. As we now monitoring deeper into this data subset for our customers, we are further amazed by how some inventors and applicants are already strongly defending their IP position by various means in the diversity of international patent prosecution law practices – an IP management lesson of its own!

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