TAL Effectors and CRISPR-Cas Patent Landscape

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Our TAL Effectors and CRISPR-Cas patent landscapes analyze worldwide published patent families as of July 2014 regarding:

  • Transcription Activator-Like effectors (TAL Effectors – TALE), including genome editing methods based on TALE Nucleases;
  • Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR), including genome editing methods based on the emerging CRISPR-Cas9 systems breakthrough technology.

The survey comprises:

  • a global patent database (265 patent families) comprising both TAL Effectors and CRISPR, in order to give an overall overview of the IP situation, including the comparison of patent filings and the technological positioning of actors on either TAL Effectors or CRISPR or both;
  • a focus on TALE Effectors (197 patent families), including TALE Nucleases;
  • a focus on CRISPR (96 patent families), including CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases.

For each part, global activity patenting trends are shown :

  • evolution of patent filings over time;
  • priority filings and their geographical extensions;
  • main applicants, recent or not, and their collaboration networks.


Our biotechnology PhD expert has further selected, analyzed and categorized the patent portfolios along several technical and functional breakdowns. For each breakdown, the technology positioning of the patent applicants has been evidenced:

  • functional claim coverage of the patent families (application: genome editing, therapeutic, modulation of gene expression…; cells and organisms, molecular tools…);
  • components, including DNA-binding domains (TAL Effectors, CRISPR-Cas, ZFD…) and catalytic domains (from a nuclease, recombinase, demethylase, kinase…);
  • chimeric proteins, including chimeric nucleases (TAL Effectors fused to a cleavage domain from a nuclease/ FokI…) as well as non-nuclease chimeric proteins (chimeric transcription factors, chimeric integrase…).IPStudiesTALECRISPSegmentation


Our patent orienteering surveys are not just patent landscapes: in addition to the report (more than 110 slides), we offer you a 3 months access to the on-line interactive patent database where you can navigate yourself in the patent set according to your unique needs, a feature which is particularly appreciated by our customers.


Interested to learn more? Our study is now available for sales to the general public. We also offer monthly updates on the fast developing CRISPR-Cas patent landscape. Please download our free sample, and contact us for an online database access demo.

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