CRISPR patent analytics

The IPStudies CRISPR patent analytics data have been used by worldwide Fortune 500 companies, biotech ventures, patent law firms, public organizations, and research institutes in Europe, America and Asia since the first launch of a worldwide CRISPR patent landscape of 90 patent families in 2014. From 2014 to 2021, our experts have built a unique knowledge of the CRISPR technology patenting by monthly collecting, analyzing and categorizing a total of 11000+ patent families and 270+ licensing agreements (source: IPStudies December 2021 monthly update). Our unique, independent CRISPR patent analytics findings have been cited by Nature, The Scientist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Fortune and the WIPO magazine, among others. Our data has also been used by a number of peer-reviewed academic publications, including our review of the CRISPR patent landscape in the 2021 CRISPR Journal special issue on China.

The IPStudies patent analytics assets and operations from IPStudies have been acquired by CENTREDOC in January 2022. For any inquiries regarding CRISPR patent landscapes and patent monitoring monthly subscription offerings, please directly visit the CENTREDOC CRISPR dedicated page here.